Vegan deli Hank's to open a fully vegan supermarket in Ipswich

Huge success for Hank’s Deli as they collect the keys for their next venture: a fully vegan supermarket in Ipswich. After that, a vegan fast food joint is on the cards... Located in Ipswich, Suffolk, Hank’s already operates two fully vegan businesses: a deli and café, and a vegan pub. Unfortunately, in accordance with the government’s lockdown both these ventures had to close their doors until further notice, after the latter was only in operation for a few months. However, owner Geoffrey Bligh had a new idea – to pull in more stock to the deli and set it up as a mini-warehouse to deliver vegan products around the Ipswich area.

Conscious Candy Co is launching the UK’s first ever vegan fried egg sweets

There is an egg-citing new treat coming to independent vegan sweet company Conscious Candy Co… As featured in our ‘6 Independent Vegan Businesses to Support During Lockdown’ article, Conscious Candy Company deliver over 80 varieties of 100% vegan sweets to your door – a saviour during lockdown. But from the 8th May they will be offering something never seen before in the UK: vegan fried eggs!

‘Green shoots’ optimism: How veganism could grow out of coronavirus

When the coronavirus first descended upon the UK the public reaction was panic and hysteria. Shocking images of NHS staff and other key workers facing empty shelves of daily essentials such as bread, milk and eggs exploded across social media. However, this sudden scarcity has opened people’s minds to alternative food options and an unexpected consequence has arisen – the opportunity for more people to try a vegan diet.

How to prepare for vegan travel

It’s 2019 and being vegan is easier than ever. London is now being hailed as the vegan capital of the world and UK supermarkets have new products flooding in left right and centre. However, it can be difficult to find this level of accessibility abroad, especially when going further afield than Europe. Therefore, I have compiled a list of top tips to help you prepare for travelling as a vegan, after being in South-East Asia for a month.