25 Best Vegan Restaurants in London 2021

Looking for the best vegan restaurants in London to visit when lockdown is finally over? Look no further! From the best vegan fish and chips to Black-owned businesses to the most Instagram-worthy spots, we’ve got you covered. London is known as the thriving vegan epicentre of the UK and was even named the most vegan-friendly city in the world for two years running – knocking Berlin off the top spot. Much more than just a fringe movement, vegan food can be found almost everywhere, with chain restaurants and independents alike adding plant-based options to their menus. Buckle up, and get ready for a culinary trip around the world, right here in London.

Earthling Ed slams £1.5million pro-meat TV advert for promoting meat and dairy during pandemic

The UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has created a new campaign which promotes meat and dairy, at a time where more people are moving towards a plant-based diet in the midst of a climate emergency. The AHDB claims that the campaign is an ‘evidence-based antidote to the misinformation’. However, the irony here is striking. The first issue with this advert is that it manipulates the viewer into thinking 100% of British farmed animals only eat grass. This is simply untrue. In fact, 73% of livestock animals are factory farmed in the UK, and not grass-fed as the advert insinuates.

UK government approves bee-killing pesticide banned in the EU

The UK government has broken its promise to keep restrictions on a bee-killing pesticide which was banned in the EU two years ago. The ‘environmentally regressive’ move from the Environment Secretary George Eustice comes at a time when British insects are in serious decline. The UK has lost a third of its bees in the last decade while land-based insects have declined 50% in the last 75 years. This is simply unacceptable and urgent action needs to be taken.

Report shows meat prices would rise by 146% if 'climate cost' was added

A new report from the University of Ausburg in Germany has stated that if the costs of environmental damage caused by food production were added to current food prices, meat prices would more than double. The costs of greenhouse gases emitted and land usage is currently not reflected in the prices of different food products. However, if the so-called ‘climate cost’ was added, meat prices would rise by 146%, while dairy products would be 91% more expensive. But is this really the solution?

Oatly denied trademark for 'It's like milk but made for humans' slogan as ‘Consumers know cow’s milk is for calves’

You thought the EU trying to make veggie burgers into ‘veggie discs’ was crazy enough? It’s all got a lot more complicated. Swedish brand Oatly has been denied a trademark for their logline ‘It’s like milk but made for humans’ for the bizarre reason that ‘people know cow’s milk is for calves’. If consumers know this – why then was the EU so hellbent on changing terminology around veggie burgers and sausages, claiming it ‘confused’ the public? We’re as baffled as you are! The European Trademar

5 simple steps to make your garden wildlife-friendly

The UK lockdown brought numerous stories of wildlife venturing out into empty towns, and thriving while humans remained indoors. However, society is slowly returning to normality, and BBC News have recently made the shocking announcement that a quarter of British mammals are now at risk of extinction. (1) With this increasing urgency, I started to question my personal impact on British wildlife. What can I do to help protect these beloved British beings?

Why You Should Use Natural Anti-Pollution Skincare

Increasing air pollution is not only a threat to our beautiful planet, it is also damaging our delicate skin. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is the largest environmental health risk factor we face, and 91% of the world’s population live in places where air quality exceeds WHO guideline limits. With lockdown finally easing, and pollution levels set to rise as we venture into cities again, it is important to protect your skin from these dangers.

6 Vegan Black-Owned Beauty Brands

Since the tragic death of George Floyd, people across the globe have been waking up to the realities of systemic racism, vowing to become actively anti-racist and support the Black community. One important way you can support this underrepresented community is to purchase products from Black-owned businesses. We’ve compiled a list of six vegan and cruelty-free Black-owned beauty brands to put your money in the right places and empower Black female entrepreneurs.

Vegan deli Hank's to open a fully vegan supermarket in Ipswich

Huge success for Hank’s Deli as they collect the keys for their next venture: a fully vegan supermarket in Ipswich. After that, a vegan fast food joint is on the cards... Located in Ipswich, Suffolk, Hank’s already operates two fully vegan businesses: a deli and café, and a vegan pub. Unfortunately, in accordance with the government’s lockdown both these ventures had to close their doors until further notice, after the latter was only in operation for a few months. However, owner Geoffrey Bligh had a new idea – to pull in more stock to the deli and set it up as a mini-warehouse to deliver vegan products around the Ipswich area.

Conscious Candy Co is launching the UK’s first ever vegan fried egg sweets

There is an egg-citing new treat coming to independent vegan sweet company Conscious Candy Co… As featured in our ‘6 Independent Vegan Businesses to Support During Lockdown’ article, Conscious Candy Company deliver over 80 varieties of 100% vegan sweets to your door – a saviour during lockdown. But from the 8th May they will be offering something never seen before in the UK: vegan fried eggs!
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